Our Mission:


We give women the tools to successfully reenter society through advancement of education, employment training, and opportunity identification.  We believe all women deserve the chance to restore their lives and discover new possibilities.


Our Mission

 We focus on achieving successful reentry through the advancement of education and the promotion of social reintegration tools including employment training and opportunities, through access to activities that eliminate alienation from their communities. 

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Our Impact

We provide a community where impoverished women and girls have access to the basic fundamentals they need to successfully reenter into society after incarceration.  We focus on engaging with those most in need of relief from emotional and mental distress and support their initiative and strength while helping them to recognize their full potential, restore their lives and discover new possibilities.



Women Currently Succeeding in

Tulane University accredited classes at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women.



women participated in high school equivalency courses

through The Women's FIRST Clinic.



Public Colleges and Universities

no longer ask about criminal history for admission.


Our Programs

At Operation Restoration we believe that focusing on achieving successful reentry through the advancement of higher education will give women the confidence, faith and wherewithal to endure. Through our collective power, we work to thoughtfully develop and implement programming to ensure that individuals can achieve their educational goals from early literacy through higher education regardless of their former or current states of incarceration.


Women's FIRST Clinic

Providing classes for formerly incarcerated women to pursue their educational goals.


Offering university accredited courses to currently incarcerated women.  

The Closet

Resource center for women transitioning back into their community following incarceration.



June 2017

About a million people are living with a criminal conviction in Louisiana, some went to prison, most did not, but all of them deserve access to education and the opportunity to live meaningful lives

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