Travelers aid

Travelers Aid provides crisis-intervention counseling and job search counseling on a walk in basis for any adult homeless individual/family. There is a day shelter, access to wash clothes, and help with navigation in the shelter process.

Strive Nola

The Support and Training Result in Valuable Employees (STRIVE) International program is a recognized, innovative leader in job readiness that combines attitudinal training with fundamental job skills and long-term participant follow-up.  The Network initiated a partnership with STRIVE International to create STRIVE NOLA, which prepares and connects local job seekers (between the ages of 18 and 65) to career pathways available through local anchor institutions.  Upon completing the four week job-readiness training program graduates have the opportunity to enter free sector-specific technical training. During the four-week job readiness training program, participants arrive to work daily dressed professionally from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.  The employment model ensures that every client is not only ready to find a job, but also ready to keep it through five components: CORE Attitudinal and Job Readiness, Skills Training, Workforce Case Management, Job Placement, and Job Retention and Ongoing Follow-up.


the Network

Creating better access to jobs and opportunities, preserving our culture, ensuring affordable housing, enhancing access to transportation, creating a sustainable, healthy, and safe place to live — all with a particular focus on the Claiborne Corridor — were the study’s community-derived goals.

Cafe Reconcile

We are a community of concerned people committed to addressing the system of generational poverty, violence and neglect in the New Orleans area. Our innovative life skills and job training program assists young people (ages 16–22) from severely at-risk communities who desire to make a positive change in their lives. Reconcile’s students arrive facing a vast array of challenges, from extreme poverty and high school attrition to homelessness, violence, and participation in the juvenile justice system. Our nonprofit restaurant, located in the severely distressed Central City neighborhood of New Orleans, serves as the primary training ground for students seeking to acquire skills in the food service industry.


Women with a vision

Women With A Vision, Inc. (WWAV) is a community-based non-profit, founded in 1989 by a grassroots collective of African-American women in response to the spread of HIV/AIDS in communities of color. Created by and for women of color, WWAV is a social justice non-profit that addresses issues faced by women within our community and region. Major areas of focus include Sex Worker Rights, Drug Policy Reform, HIV Positive Women’s Advocacy, and Reproductive Justice outreach. We envision an environment in which there is no war against women’s bodies, in which women have spaces to come together and share their stories, in which women are empowered to make decisions concerning their own bodies and lives, and in which women have the necessary support to realize their hopes, dreams, and full potential. Originally focused on health promotion and community outreach, we have expanded our focus to include policy-level initiatives that negatively affect women and communities of color within Louisiana and elsewhere.

Covenant House

Covenant House New Orleans was founded on the edge of the French Quarter 30 years ago to provide a safe haven for homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth (ages 22 and under). We have provided over 20,000 kids with food, shelter, clothing, medical care, educational and vocational support, individual and family counseling, job readiness and placement, short & long-term housing, life skills, and more.

New Orleans Women's Shelter

The largest organization serving homeless women and children in New Orleans, we are dedicated to creating a safe, secure and stable environment where classes, tools and resources build the pathway to success. Our programs keep families together and empower self-sufficiency—every step of the journey. Our mission is to enable women and their children to transition from a life of homelessness and poverty to one of stability and self-sufficiency.


The Salvation army of greater New Orleans

The Salvation Army allows people to stay five nights for free after which they have to pay $10 a night. The shelter also has beds set aside for people who are working but don’t make enough to afford their own home. The Salvation Army provides caseworkers to help people seek jobs, housing or medical care. Intake Procedure: Walk-in intake is at 4:30 daily. Morning departure is by 6:30 a.m. The first seven nights are free, and the fee is $8 thereafter or a voucher. Freeze Plan beds are available to the public. Emergency shelter for homeless women with or without children, children needing to be at least 6 weeks, female children no older than 17 years and males no older than 12 years (housing and case management for up to 3 months)