Bridging the Gap Symposiums


Bridging the Gap Symposiums provide the opportunity for women and girls directly impacted by the criminal justice system to share their unique stories and experiences with the public. We  that the directly impacted women deserve to have their voices heard by the justice system. These symposiums allow us to bring together representatives of justice system and the directly impacted to have an open dialogue that is open and accessible the public.  


Youth Advisory Council


The Youth Advisory Council is a group of young women who are directly impacted by the criminal justice system. This group of young women meet once a month to share their experiences, and come up with collaborative initiatives to make a more equitable community. The Youth Advisory Council elects one representative of this group to be on the Board of Directors for OR to ensure that their voice and experiences are being heard in all of our choices. 


Emergency Assistance


When women and girls are released from prison or jail in Louisiana we can help them access resources immediately and provide necessary items for their transition. This looks different for every woman, but we are able to help meet their needs as soon as they are released. 



What About Her Radio