About Daughters Beyond Incarceration

DBI is a program unlike any other as it is led by two women with first-hand experience of growing up with an incarcerated dad. DBI is the solution to breaking the cycle of poverty and crime amongst daughters with incarcerated fathers by advocating for girls with incarcerated dads and building strong parent-to-child relationships between them – through education, mentorship, and support.

 DBI was founded by Dominque Jones, and her incarcerated father, Charles Brown, Jr. Charles was sentenced to life in April 1982. Dominque was born seven months later and has spent her entire life with her father behind bars. In May, 2017, Dominque became a volunteer with Volunteers of America and was assigned to mentor two teenage girls – Reign and Region LaCour. Their dad was incarcerated in the same prison as Charles. The two teenagers joined forces with Dominque and DBI was formed.

 Robresha Anderson joins as co-director. She is the daughter of Robert Jones. Robert was sentenced to life without parole and was freed in November 2015 after 23 years of incarceration (and exonerated in January 2017) by Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO). Robresha was born while Robert was awaiting trial and locked up – she spent 23 years of her life with her dad behind bars. Robresha defies society’s stereotype of a child with an incarcerated parent in many ways including by being an active member of IPNO’s Young Professional Committee. IPNO, the non-profit law office that exonerated Robert, frees innocent life-sentenced prisoners, supports their clients living well and fully in the world after their release and advocates for sensible criminal justice policies that reduce wrongful convictions.”