Daughters Beyond Incarceration


Our Mission:

Daughters Beyond Incarceration (DBI) works to advocate for girls with incarcerated dads and to build strong parent-to-child relationships between them – through education, mentorship, and support.

Our Vision:

DBI’s vision is for every daughter with an incarcerated father to live a healthy and stable life and have a strong, positive, relationship with her father while he is incarcerated.

It is a challenge to grow up in New Orleans. Much of our youth face extreme poverty and a lack of education. In 2016, the Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies (IWES) released data stating that after surveying more than 1,200 New Orleans children 10-16, IWES found that the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder among children is four times the national average. Facing these challenges while your father is incarcerated compounds the trauma. Louisiana has the second highest incarceration rate in the world. When the state rips fathers away from their daughters and sends them hours away to live their lives on a plantation with limited visitation and charging exorbitant rates for phone calls, these girls are left to grow up without knowing their dads. Unless we start addressing this, the growing rate of fatherless daughters will continue to increase. Because of their father’s arrest and conviction, daughters are growing up without the support of a father-daughter relationship. This lack of support is negatively impacting the development of these girls. Fatherless daughters have been shown to miss out on gaining a sense of security in life, as they missed out on having him in the home as their protector. They also miss out on learning positive masculine behaviors, specific social skills and a comfort with male-female relationships because their fathers were not there to teach them.